Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Some of 2013

A lot of really fun stuff I have been working on this year has been kept closely under wraps. So I thought I would give a sort of all-in-one blog post about some of the things I have been up to. In the form of loads of pictures.. so here it goes.. 

Lots of art licensing ideas.. briefs for clients such as Papyrus and Tigerprint.. Loads of Tigerpint stuff that I cant show the world. It has involved making a LOT of little things out of paper.. ceramics.. prints..wraps.. tags.. endless! I am going to make my own range version whenever I get a chance.. 

My quest to break into Kid Lit continues! And I have made the first step with my first book contract signed this year.. Not for these following samples but for another project.. massive thanks to my lovely agent Kirsten Hall. YOU DE BEST!

Some rather different work drawing, painting, building zoetropes and all other manner of stuff for IGM. Im out there in the world of football and horse racing on that thing called a TV. Apparently.. although I dont have one.. :)

Working with the lovely lady at Cardboard Cameras we completed our first stop frame animation.. 4 months for 5 minutes of stop frame crazyness. It's out really soon along side the new and brilliant documentary Project Wild Thing..
CANNOT wait to see it out there and share it with everyone. We have been running workshops and screenings locally. 

I have been working with Hong Kong based design studio Llab to create packaging for very cue baby keepsake boxes. I'll post more when I see the final product. 

 Randomly drawing a lot.. here are just a few teeny examples of such.. 

Went on a really great trip to Berlin.. 

And its not over yet I guess! 

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