Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Blog round up

This is what seems like a big old load of boasting. 
But it isn't I promise! I'm not used to having lots of really brilliant people writing about something that I have made. I feel like I don't want to lose these things and need to record them somewhere for posterity. And in thanks for those people spending the time to write these things. (And I guess if I am ever feeling a bit blue I can find them again all here together :P) 

Starting from most recent here are some words about The Perfect Tree mostly.. and one video!

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog.

Reblogged from my agencies blog:

Point of view of two pro's in the student world

Finding the perfect tree:

Bookpage review from Julie Danielson of Seven impossible things. 

Children's picture book review top 2016 new books.
Lovely review from Picture Books Review

And this one is for a video exclusive I worked on with Cardboard Cameras last year for the band Shields:

One more link.. 

I have a new show reel for my moving image work. 
And I am currently available for moving image projects. Contact me! chloebonfield@googlemail.com

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