Friday, 15 April 2016

SHIELDS-FACE TO FACE Video blog post

Last summer I worked with my girls at Cardboard Cameras ( on a stop frame animated music video for the dreamy pop band Shields.

As a testament to the amount of fun and challenges we had I wanted to write a post about the process.

A few years back we were asked to build the sets and props for this incredible video directed by Vicky Simmons for Shields.

The video went viral and was a massive success. We got back in contact a few years later and asked if we could make our very own video for Shields. And luckily they agreed. We had about a million ideas for the video. Ranging from a full on stop frame animated video using models and crystals in space, to a squishy adventure in clay.

After toying with a few ideas and chatting with the band we honed it down to two options. Either face painting, or squishy clay. We made tests for both and sent them along with a treatment to the band.

Shields were really into the face paint idea. And this was great. We now had to make more tests and figure out how to stretch that budget to get a full video from one long day of shooting. And face paint also meant performance. So that a complete first for me directing wise. I haven't directed a video with performance before and new this was going to be a whole new ball game. 
I totally relished it though. And quickly turned into producer/editor/director overlord. Oops sorry guys! 

Eleni Parousi was now Director of Photography (DOP), with Jenny Leary and Kathy Horak-Howlett as the pro animators on the day. Rich and Lucy the performers who sat like an absolute dream for about 14 hours in a pitch black studio, hot lights and all. We did provide them with Bolognese so at least they didn't starve! 

The whole day was incredibly fun.. Here are some shots of Eleni's DOP greatness, also combined with the light genius of Hans Lo. Doing our bidding very well indeed. 

It was a real dream team to be honest and it was really fun.. 

The next phase involved me entering hermit mode while I stayed in Berlin (Ooo la la, had to drop that in there) I went into animation, work flow, editing mode for a good long while. Finally getting a grade for the video with the help of Pundersons Gardens. Thank you very much indeed!

The whole thing was mega fun. And I wouldn't normally post a blog like this about a video. But I feel like every step deserved a bit of lime light. Next time it's full clay-mation ahead.. Watch out.

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