Friday, 29 July 2016

Summer of 2016

Hello internet!

It has been a seriously, severely, singularly very long time since I have written on this here blog.  It has been a funny year. With too many months of contemplation, followed swiftly by a truck load of work. And with that the fear that there may be more contemplation to follow! At least I am now using the time to write. And to teach myself how to write. I am trying to write longer things.. and hoping that by doing so, my shorter things (picture books) will improve and some how blossom into what my brain wishes and wants them to be.

Or something like that..

Here is some illustration work that I recently did for the very incredible Michelle Harrison.. For the cover of her new title, The Other Alice, published by Simon and Schuster, designed by Jenny Richards.
Just as soon as my copies arrive I'll post a pic of the whole thing. There are some other little bits and pieces of my work on the back also.

As far as news goes, there is plenty, whilst there is also little. 
I am working on some really exciting new cover projects, which could extend and become a wee monster. But I cant show that off yet.
I am also working on an educational title for a phonics range. But I cant show that off yet. 
And I am also working on a wonderful non fiction picture book, which is extremely exciting. But I cant show that off yet, and I don't want to jinx it!

In the meant time I have my next Authored/Illustrated title still in the works. Yes it is taking me ages. And I actually have a new one that will probably surpass this one now. But you know. Time is weird. Sometimes it is all scrunched up and everything happens in one second. And other times millions of seconds spread over year and years in ways that you didn't expect them to. 

I worked on this wonderful project with Cardboard Cameras, delivering animation workshops to befriending groups across London for young unaccompanied asylum seekers. It was possibly my personal favourite CC project so far. Incredibly well supported by crowd funding and the Red Cross, both in terms of getting all out kit together and the faith they had in us. 
The groups we worked with were just a brilliant bunch of exciting young people. The whole thing made me feel incredibly positive for the future, as well as right now, amid a wash of total insanity that seems to be swishing about at the moment. 

Here is a link to that film, that was shown as part of Refugee Week at the British Museum.

Right off for now. Looking forward to sharing a glut of work.. Probably at the end of the year!

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