Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Golden hands show LA

This June I am co-curating and showing in a group show in Fullerton Orange County/LA at Hibbleton Gallery (Hibbleton.com) with fellow lady Illustrators Reena Makwana, Jennifer Matignas-Pitchers and Millie Easton. I've been working on a series based on the Hans Christian Anderson story 'The Girl who Trod on the Loaf'. 
This series depicts the girls journey through the earth as she is sucked down. She is left with the bugs she has pulled the wings and legs from to crawl over her. These are the images I have been working on. They are all gouache,ink and graphite.

I have been buying uber frames from Deptford and thrift shops for the work. The most elaborate and lovely frames so far are a pair as shown below. The most exciting thing about these was underneath the dodgy print there was a gold oval mount and beneath this an awesome mountain scene print. I want to incorporate these mountain prints somehow, perhaps work into them and add them to the series. 

I also brought a new plant for my desk... and I have seedlings appearing from the rocket and salad seeds I planted! 

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  1. :O want that frame! trying to find some for my gentlemen series!