Monday, 20 April 2009

Heaven And Hell

I'm not sure which way round they were this weekend. But I know that on Saturday I saw lots of angelic white robed women at the Caroline Weeks show,cafe oto Dalston, and on Sunday lots of long haired metal druid gods at the Rameses show,Underworld Camden. Caroline Weeks was supported by Quinta who were amazing. A sort of performance musical choral arrangement thing, with grand piano,saw,violins,cello's and bubble wrap.. mm just what i like to see on a saturday night. And made perfect by Reena and Emma, always perfect to see them of course.. 

But then Sunday night was just so damn good. Rameses killed it and Unearthly Trances.. well they were just amazing .. ahh. I am probably a bit biased because Hans was doing the visuals.. but they genuinely did work really well.. some bits working better than others of course.. With a few of the Chapman Brothers 'fucking hell' images thrown in there for good measure. Also the pair were stood just in front of me in the crowd. I love metal, and everyone should, and I'm damn glad they do too. I also found out that the chapman brothers have their own noise project going on. And there is going to be some kind of in store performance of some what thinga-me-bob.

To conclude my metal and all round experiential weekend I have re started work on The Argent Dawns forthcoming Albumn artwork as they now have the go ahead from their record label. And I am pretty happy with what is happening so far. A few more tweaks and a lot of indesign and I think I'll be there.. here are some little samples. 

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