Monday, 3 August 2009

Goblins, fairs and past love

Goblin at the Scala last monday as part of the Super Sonic Festival. Following the weekends festivities (which I missed) We went down to Goblin. Hans is truely super as he entered some competition and got me a free ticket.. hooray! It was an amazing experience. A prog jazz rock party with the films being screened behind them. Hearing the soundtrack to Susperia live was just god damn amazing. I loved it. The support were brilliant too, Miasma and the carousel of headless horses. With their black fedora's and otherwordly appearance and sound. 

In other news I am once again amazingly proud of Hans as he did the visuals for invasion at KOKO. I didnt get to go but the photo's look great. Seeing his stuff so huge is exciting. 

Finished up the week (after a brief trip to Bristol) with Field Day in Victoria Park. Getting to watch Mogwai rocked my socks off, completing my trilogy of Post Rock biggies (explosions and sigur ros are the other two... I know it's cheesey but i feel a little more complete now. Got to watch Final Fantasy.. that guy is just brilliant. Shame the sound at Field Day really is generally a bit rubbish. But when I got close enough to Mogwai it was ok. The small tents were fine. Rusko was kind of fun, a bit of standard dub step in the afternoon. That was the only real problem with having all that dubstep, it was just so early in the day. Scream on the main stage was just ODD.  Im really tired now. Going to watch Anti Christ tonight. 

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