Thursday, 1 October 2009

Let the good times roll

Today is the official day of me and jenny entering our new studio :) I cant wait to get it all lovely and gorgeous. Got myself a lovely little mini armchair/reading chair for down time. And will be right next to the river/borough market/tate modern. Lovely! Also got some new work in which will help pay the studio rent! Hooray for autumn. I really do love it. 

I'm picking it up with wiriting again and started out with this little review for Sweet and Sound ( Me and Hans wrote it together so it's a little ridiculous n a very good way... I hope. Next stop is a big ole article for next months issue. I'll be exploring the druids of Avebury for this one. 

Watching Blood Ceremony and Electric Wizard is like attending a 1970's  double feature in a smoked-filled grindhouse. On the bill would be 'Wicker Man' and 'Satanic Rites of Dracula' shown on repeat forever and forever.

Expectant of a garage band with sketchy flute use, Blood Ceremony blew me away with their pro

gressive metal. Heavily influenced by Black Widow and Sabbath, the seventies sound they produce works amazingly well for a modern band. You can tell they are totally sure of what they are doing, without a single single hint of cheesy "retro" or "vintage"! 

Alla O'Brien (their front woman) is the ultimate eye catcher. Her voice soaked in Wicca evil ,suited in a tight green velvet dress and pentagram necklace, she is ready to kill! But don't let this divine creature distract you from Sean Kennedy's melodic riff journeys and Andrew Haust's primal drum flow. This alchemy of sounds and 'visuals' is accompanied by Alla's flute and Chris Landon's bluesy bass lines, to form a luscious environment for any black magic and in describable horror to be summoned. 

As for Electric Wizard, strictly no beard stroking Wire readers here! They are for those amongst us that want to get high and ride with Satan. Following the gentle flow of Blood Ceremony's most righteous riffs, Wizard kicked our soggy brains into gear. As the show went on their huge sound and provocative stage presence melded into one beer drenched, sweaty rock out. These guys are rock stars, dirty satanic rock stars from Dorset. Platinum goddess guitarist, Liz Buckingham, plays seductively from behind her curtain of druid like hair. This, added to Jus Oborn's perfected front man stylings, lots of dry ice and spiral light show drops you right in the crotch of a psychedelic red neck. 

Just to name a few of their signature anthems played that night: 'Satanic Rites Of Drugula', 'We Hate You' and 'Fruneralopolis'. No, I didn't mention 'Dopethrone' as it didn't make it onto the set list. Which was surprising as there was a perfect encore slot for them to complete our Wizard experience. Quite bummed out by that.

Was amazing to see a packed out venue. All hail the rise of metal wizardry. 

Words by Chloe Bonfield and Hans Lo

Photographs by Hans Lo

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