Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Quiet on here.. Busy over here

That makes little sense ^ but it is true. I have been all over the shop recently and had some exciting outcomes because of this. Nothing to show yet but will soon have some work gracing some lovely clothing over at avalaan... AVALAAN.COM. Two of my designs will be used as injection pieces, one this summer.. one next. Very exciting indeed.

Im totally loving seeing The Argent Dawn splashed about everywhere.. and hence my handiwork too. Soon they will have a full page ad in Terrorizor,cant
wait to see that. And get my hands on a CD of course. Here are some obligatory screen shots of reviews,blogs and their myspace.

I partook in some teaching experience last week at Camberwell College of Arts on the Illustration pathway of their foundation course. It was utterly amazing. I got a lot out of it and put a lot in and feel it went very well. Teaching is really a dreamy thing to do. So onwards with that part of my life!

In a week NEST will be debuting a the Alternative press fair so be prepared for some bloody lovely little self published gems. And following that I will start a new personal project involving porcelain.. i miss the porcelain too much. This time though.. things are going to get practical (as in you will be able to use the objects)
I think that is all for now folks.. no doubt i have forgotten something, made very little sense and been uninformative. We shall see..

By the way been hooking back up with old research.. droog baby drooooog

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