Sunday, 8 August 2010

New and Nokia fresh

Here are a few things from the stuff I did for Nokia creative ad campaign for W+K..more stuff for Miss Crofton.. who is now doing fabulously well and has my flyers and things in circulation.. lovely. Im currently working on a mural for W+K at a women's hostel in South London. Soon will put pictures up of the mural and the amazing work that Weiden did re-decorating the study room at the hostel. 


Also an image of the print I made for W+K 'Nesting in the Stairwell' go to and then to the schools pages.. you can see all the stuff I worked on with 18 schools over London this summer.. Unfortunately I can't put images of the work up on here as they are super's worth trawling through the website for it though! I promise.. 

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