Friday, 29 October 2010

Future Events

Things to look forward to are plenty at the moment. Illustration work for Aspidistra and another big project with Bella. A wonderful childrens book and workshop assisting for House of Illustration
Also this::::::

An Arts bookshop will be opening in the near future at NewGallery London.
Selling a range of Artist books, Journals, Periodicals, Reference Books spanning across fine art, critical theory, design, literature and film.

We will also hold a place for independent publishing and this is where your submissions come in. Each month a new submission will be featured on a blog with reviews and we will be setting up an online shop for everything that is selected.

Please either email details/sample to:

or you can submit by post to:
FAO Chloe Bonfield NewGallery
31 Frobisher Place
Pioneer Centre
SE15 2EE

PLEASE only send a sample if you don't mind it being kept as everything we receive will be archived!!

Look forward to seeing what you have for the shop

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