Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Queen and I

I have had the odd experience of finding royalty where ever i go recently. To start with my home town of Wootton Bassett has been made royal. Which is an odd old thing to happen. Then following this I have had two illustration jobs directly relating to the queen. Which I cant divulge a lot of information about at the moment, but lets just say one involved some heavy photoshop, the other some heavy illustration/stop frame, time lapse. Really intense... odd and interesting. One day I will be able to show it off I am sure. Also had a looonnngg drive with my Dad to Cornwall and back yesterday. Serious aching limbs following that journey. I had an interview for MA Authorial Practise (Authorial illustration) which was really exciting, thoroughly enjoyed every second of it and the place is really very good too. 

Exciting times?? 

Visiting a special house later today I hope too. 

I think i may be ok putting this image up from one of the Queen related projects, as this was a test image only and not used in any of the final material.. 

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