Thursday, 2 June 2011

Looking Back...

I'm currently working on the Rivers of the World project for the Thames Festival. This is huge international project that 36 schools in London take part in, and then 36 schools internationally. I'm working with Shona Watt in 18/19 of those schools. The project involves us delivering a workshop that helps the students to make a super awesome piece of artwork. I then do some of the most crazy high pressure photoshop work in the classroom (kids are the most intense and amazing critics, I'll have you know). This results in their final piece of work being finished and lovely and print ready whilst we are still in the school. This whole process takes part over a day and a half. Phew.. Anyway, it's a great project and now the site is looking slick I want to show off some of the students work from last year...

Bishop Challenor School click here to see photo's and info about the workshop:

Mount Carmel Technology College :

St Thomas Moore 

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