Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Is this spring??

I have been quiet on here but busy out in the world.. I have a spanking new studio, a couple of pictures will come at some point. And am working on some uber pieces for the next NEST exhibition. This is all very exciting and I will reveal as and when! 

In the mean time if any one read this blog 4 years ago, which I will be surprised by, but is possible, you may remember me trying to grow rocket, lavender and a few other things which were swiftly eaten by local insects hanging out in the area. Well I am now trying my hand at house plants. I was very kindly given some cuttings by a friend and here are some pictures of my little nursery. I hope they fare well. Got some cacti, succulents and an indoor grapevine on the go. Wish me luck!

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