Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Animations and films

2014 could be a real year of animation for me.  I seem to have gotten to grips with After Effects, one of my nemesis'.. And I am working on a mixed media hand made and aftereffects approach at the moment that is really exciting to me.

I am working on an exciting animation project for a large scale Doc that I will have more news about later in the year. It has everything to do with David Soul, Cuba and Red Earth Studio https://www.facebook.com/RedEarthStudio.

I am continuing to work in Sports Creative and have worked on some insanely exciting projects (EVEN thought they are to do with football.. of which I know nothing)
Here is a piece directed by Kevin Evans, that features Omar Sharif reading out a Williant Blake poem whilst I made paper cuts.

(images Adam Docker)

My brother and I have been having fun working on this together... An ongoing project following the birth of the universe. Or something like that..

PRIMORDIAL SLIME I -Chloe Bonfield + artifact from chloe on Vimeo.

I have also been working with some brilliant children, helpling them to create animation master pieces. I will put those up soon. They look great and touch my heart.

Of course I am still illustration and writing. Plodding along pretending to be a writer. Possibly may become one in the process. Not sure about that though.. !! We shall see.

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  1. Loved the paper cuts Chloe, and all to one of my favorite Blake poems, Lovely