Monday, 5 October 2015


I somehow went straight through summer without a blog post. Although a sign of good work being done, I think it's time to put something on here. 

Many of the projects I have been working on are about to go out into the world. This is very daunting, and very exciting. We will see how the world likes them. 
Im busy writing a blog post for my agents detailing my process for my picture book 'The Perfect Tree'. I am also starting work making some special things to go with it in the lead up to sale date. Which I believe is the 5th January 2016. 

Meanwhile I have got to work on some lovely book projects and get on with a second book. Which is proving to be finickity and fiddly as I try my hand at more writing. Although at the moment it is looking like it may be a wordless book, this seems to require writing a lot more words than a.. well a worded book. 

I'll have a stop frame animated music video to show off in a few days. I worked with my ladies Cardboard Cameras to direct this one. And it has been a mega undertaking. I sure learnt a lot. Including the fact that I may be a little too mumbly to really direct. Maybe next time I'll get a directors chair, hat and megaphone to whisper into.

Other things include some really amazing workshops, including a totally mad one working with about 150 secondary school kids to create a giant working 3D zoetrope.  Photographs and films to follow soon. And also a wonderful Super Hero Shaman workshop at Bellenden Primary School in Peckham. Which was just brilliant. Incredible bunch there. 

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