Monday, 5 November 2012

Chilly Sunday

I have spent today working on some new Christmas designs that ill be putting into a totally revamped etsy shop. I have been contemplating opening a whole new shop concentrating on greetings and stationary rather than revamping. I have had my shop for a long time without using it at all, so it does seem unused.. Hmm .. Any thoughts:)

The new ranges will be aimed at being simple and handmade with personalised options and room to grow into textiles and ceramics etc.

Ill send these to my agent to get a verdict also!

I also just had a little fun illustrating a tweet from @arthursletters. A really interesting collection of letters from a man in the forces during ww1. Enjoy and follow, they are great!!

Ohh by the way my twitter is @chloesuzannebon by the way!

Also the pv for the Nest Gallery show is this Thursday at the department of coffee and social affairs in Faringdon. I won't be able to make it which I a huge shame, I will be shimmying in North Carolina at a film Fest!! But go and see it, nest have worked incredibly hard to put it together. Big love to them :)

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