Monday, 19 November 2012

November november

Wow, well this has been a really intensely eventful month. So much so that i have managed to completely neglect you my dear blog and now will fill this post with proabably too much for anyone to be really interested in reading. But I will go ahead and do it anyway, just in case of course!

I will start at some point around the beginning.. which was my birthday! It was lovely and spent the day in the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. Looking at early animation techniques and planning ideas for Cardboard Cameras. We got very excited and laid ambitious plans to create our own range of printable optical toys! Which also leads me to the point that we are working on some worksheets to go alongside our workshops. Which will also hopefully be available for download from our site, so you can make your own little animations at home. Great for rainy days.

In big news I spent 5 days in sunny North Carolina at the Cucalorus film festival. What an insanely amazing treat. We went to celebrate Hans' film that he made for Simian Mobile Disco. Watch it its truly brilliant :

Hans is an aftereffects, final cut and general video G! His work is really stunning. We also happen to be working together on a few music video's and promo's for brands. You can view these here

So anyway this coincided with the release of a video I just worked on for Holy Strays. I am super happy and proud of this piece, which I shot, edited and.. well I did all of it on my very own.
Here it is:

So now for a few images of the trip. I cant actually go on enough about how great the festival was and how many amazing people I met there. I will probably write a full post about it in the near future. but for now here are some visual tit bits.. mostly tourist related

Whilst I was away I unfortnately missed the opening of the latest NEST Gallery show that I took part in. Another thing that deserves a whole post about it. But this will also come later I feel. You can see photo's from the private view here Make sure to check them out. And soon there will be some great shots of all of the works that went into it.
There will be a christmas fair held at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Faringdon as part of the show on the 24th of november. So put it in your diaries!

This leads me nicely onto my Etsy shop. I have started selling lots of christmas goodies including card pack, personalised cards to send out or to give as gifts and prints. 

Here are a few images of what I am selling. You can have a look by just looking at my Shop on the tool bar above here. 

Thanks so much for all the hits and blogs that have been put out featuring my christmas items. It's really amazing to see them in different places..

I am going to leave you with my offerings from the weekend. It was a slightly odd one after the travelling and lots of action. So these guys are a little strange. 

Im not so sure it's great practise for me to cram everything in one post, so Im going to try very hard to be a bit more on it with this blog from now on... I hope! 

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