Friday, 7 December 2012

The month of December

It's only just started but feels like it has been here forever. Very strange indeed.

So much change in life over here. I have been doing some really fun development work with Bright, that I am dying to share but I am trying to hold back. You can however have a look at a few new things on my folio:

On Tuesday I had the most wonderful experience of going to the candle lit evening at John Soanes Museum. I love that place in the day, but at night it really is incredible. I would love to make a picture book about it. The candles cast shadows that bring all of the crazy and amazing artefacts to life. I am going to try and make a piece of writing about it as soon as possible. 
I have also been making plans to start on a new children's book, or two, with Belladear! Oh I am SO excited about that. It shall be .. wonderful.
And other illustration plans for the future with a miss Jenny Pitchers...
I started to make my own animation, and also got a brand new spanking job! 

This new job is going to be epic and incredible. I have a lot to do and a lot to think about but in time it will come together and I have a good feeling it will become something grand. 
Have a look at the place:

Im in the kitchen and training to be a manager. I am already obsessing over glitter, jelly and the endless possibilites of afternoon tea. 

Phew literally SO much to do. I thought attempting to fit it into one readable blog post would help me in some way...Hm not sure about that now! But I can say one thing, I am rather excited. 

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