Monday, 8 April 2013

Home Sweet Home

I have just started work on a brilliant private commission  making a painting of the street that I grew up on. Its a lovely old street leading out of the town. It leads down to a styl and some gnarly tree's that are locally known as the 'Hanging Tree's'. I like to think that these had something to do with witch hunts and warning strangers. But they were probably to do with hanging out washing. 
This street really holds a lot of power for me. I grew up playing in the fields,allotments and hay bails, hunting for hidden underground passages haunted by monks. The passages weren't completely imaginary. A network of passages used to run through Bassett (the town is called Wootton Bassett). The passages led a safe path for monks from hospitals to churches. 

I have kindly been told that I can blog the sketches and progress of this painting. So here are a few little pre lim sketches for you to see and some dodgy iphone photos. I really am relishing it though! They are all a bit wibbly and wobbly.

In other news Cardboard Cameras  have started work on our first proper animation project for a feature length documentary! We are so excited its unreal! We are all moved into our new studio, which happily rests just under my little illustration cubby. Today we begin the long process of building models.. It's going to totally worth it though. I want to post up more info and pictures but I cant give too much away just yet. 
I can tell you that the project is commsioined by this wonderful production company Green Lions who happen to be a bunch of genius', and the project we are working on is this wonderful, getting kids back to nature, doc Project Wild Thing.

Fun times.

In more other other news... I have been doing some more work at Tigerprint for M & S, which is always a complete delight. I love that studio! 
And I have been working hard slaving to try and fit in my total LOVE which is my first picture book. Written by Bella Szyszkowska, I have been told I am not to share it yet.. The future may be unknown but I am enjoying it. 


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