Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Overdue catch ups!

I have a lot to catch up on. But while things continue to be slightly crazy I will just drop these little production shots of the stop frame animations that I am working on with the Cardboard Camera girls. We're 2000 images in with 1000 to go! Editing and tinkering at the moment and it is CERAZY! 

I also got to do some fab work at Tigerprint working on a possible home ware range. This has inspired me to get my butt moving on creating my own. Another thing to plan for and get drawing. Peppered in there are a couple of other really nice treats aka as fun card making jobs,and a lot of re working of children's books pitches! PHEW.. 

But of course there is always time for much much more. So I'm also on a massive drive for new exciting work! So get in touch do do do if you like somethin you see ;)

Crystal caavvvee..

Kathy makes brains.

I turned into a tree...

Eleni eyeballs Vinnie...

Jenny gets fresh with Vinnie.. 

Foraging gets a new comic as well.... 
click it.. that down there clickk click. 

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